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Art of Maria Kazanskaya

Welcome to one of the oldest Galleries on the Web
-- on line since January 1995 --

This is a small showroom of oil paintings by Maria Kazanskaya. The exhibition is divided into 3 rooms (see links below), in order to ease the burden of initial loading. Clicking on the thumbnail images or fragments of paintings will bring you full images. "Light" versions are often available, with about half the linear dimensions and four times less bytes.

There is some information on the artist and on where you can see and buy her works. Please feel free to email your comments and inquiries to me, Dmitrii Manin (, or just use this form.

All artwork is © copyright Maria Kazanskaya, 1994-1996. Permission is hereby granted for strictly personal non-commercial use of these images.


More in Room 1, Miscellaneous paintings.


More in Room 2, Still life.

If you would like to receive a free postcard with a reproduction of this painting, send me a message with your address, or use the comments form.

More in Room 3, Landscape.

These images are scanned from photographs of original paintings. I adjusted colors so that they look pretty true on my display. If they look darkish on yours, try increasing monitor brightness. The new scans I have now are pretty good, so that even brushwork can be seen in some. Enlarged fragments of some paintings are available for those who are interested in details. You can also find an in-depth discussion of Maria's paintings in an essay by Stirling Newberry.

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